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As a family owned and operated organization, Thorne Ambulance Service brings a unique perspective to the field of EMS.  Our engaged and qualified leadership team bring an incredible level of passion and dedication to a very challenging field.  Our commitment to our patients is unrivaled, and our clinical guidelines are extremely liberal, providing the greatest level of care to anyone that calls upon our organization.

Thorne Ambulance Service is transforming EMS one day at a time.

Ambulatory  *  Wheelchair  *  Basic Life Support  *  Advanced Life Support  *  Ventilator Transports * Event First Aid
Upstate:  (864) 382-9659                 Midlands: (803) 233-4043
Online Transportation Requests:

We believe in utilizing technology to ease the burden of scheduling transportation.  Beginning October 2016, Thorne Ambulance Service will deploy Mobile Care Connect (MCC), an online scheduling platform that grants our customers the ability to schedule transportation online, which then feeds directly into our dispatch program.  All that is required is access to the internet!

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Mission Statement:
EMS is our calling, and we will perform at an optimum level each time we don the uniform. We will seek to continually advance as care providers and as a service. Customer service is the first and most crucial step in patient care provision. We will deliver, day or night, to the very best of our ability, and will continually seek ways to improve. Every day, we will be better than yesterday.
"Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it.  Autograph your work with excellence" - Unknown
​Transforming EMS Through Exceptional Customer Service and Innovative Care Delivery
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