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Serving hospitals, cities/counties, venues, and more! TAS has been the premier provider of ambulance services in South Carolina since 2010. Interested in a partnership with our organization? Are you ready to experience the Thorne difference?


Please contact us to learn more about how  we can positively impact your organization, and more importantly, the patients you serve.

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Ambulatory & Wheelchair Services

Patients requiring transportation to/from medical appointments that are not in need of any specialized assistance may qualify for ambulatory or wheelchair level services.  Our wheelchair vans meet Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) requirements, and come equipped with state-of-the-art wheelchair lifts for the patient's safety and comfort.  These services are not covered by insurance and will require payment at the time services are rendered.  Please feel free to contact our dispatch office for any questions or to schedule transportation.

Basic Life Support (BLS):

Patients requiring BLS level services are typically bed-confined, may require oxygen, and are unable to be safely transferred via any other means.  BLS services include an ambulance staffed with an EMT, capable of providing basic assessments, vital sign monitoring, oxygen administration, etc.  In some cases, BLS ambulances are utilized to respond to lower acuity emergency requests.  All ambulances are registered with the S.C. Bureau of EMS.  Typical services provided by BLS crews include, but are not limited to:  hospital discharges, wound care, dialysis, rehabilitation, and hospice transportation.  Specific questions about eligibility, insurance, etc.?  Call our dispatch office today!

Advanced Life Support (ALS):

All ALS units are staffed with a minimum of one (1) Paramedic and one (1) EMT capable of meeting a variety of medical needs.  All ALS units come equipped with 12-lead EKG monitoring capabilities, End-tidal CO2 monitoring, a wide-variety of medications (to include controlled substances), CPAP, etc.  We also employ specialized equipment, such as a critical care ventilator, for higher acuity patients.  ALS services may be emergent or non-emergent (pre-scheduled) in nature.  To learn more about our capabilities, or to schedule ALS level services, call our dispatch office today!

Event Standby Service 

TAS has a long track record of providing care to visitors at events of all sizes. Bon Secours Wellness Arena (Greenville), Furman University, and beyond! We have you covered!  Interested in what options we have for you? Give us a call today! Learn more about our event standby services by contacting our dispatch center:



TAS has the ability to safely transport patients up to 1,650lbs utilizing the Stryker Bariatric stretcher. Patients who require bariatric care, who are under 850lbs, will have access to our Stryker Power Stretchers, to include the new PowerLoad system, allowing patients to seamlessly and safely transition in/out of the ambulance. These special service offerings are made available to meet the needs of the communities that we serve, and to ensure all patients receive equal access to care.

Bariatric Care

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