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 Award-Winning Service

Thorne Ambulance Service (TAS) is a family owned and operated organization that remains patient and provider centered. Since 2010, Thorne's team of caring and compassionate providers have positively influenced the lives of thousands across our state. Providing wheelchair, Basic, and Advanced Life Support services, Thorne remains the premier provider of mobile medicine in South Carolina. 


At the age of 22, our Founder & CEO, Ryan Thorne had a vision to reinvent the private ambulance industry. Serving as a Paramedic, Ryan had a front row seat to the shortcomings and challenges often associated with the private ambulance industry, and he aimed to do something about it. Thorne's team has been successful in their pursuit, and more than a decade later, the TAS team continues to find new and innovative ways to deliver mobile medicine to those who need it most. 

Today, Thorne works with communities, health systems, and event venues across the Upstate and Grand Strand of South Carolina, delivering exceptional clinical care and customer service. Serving from Cherokee Co., Greenville, Greenwood, Myrtle Beach, Bamberg, and Barnwell, Thorne's 200+ clinicians and support staff ensure that out-of-hospital care is delivered at the highest level.

In November of 2023, Thorne Ambulance Service became one of only three private ambulance services to serve in a dedicated 911 capacity. This expansion into Cherokee County has not only expanded Thorne's clinical capabilities - it has strengthened their collective team and service offerings.


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The communications team of Thorne Ambulance Service is comprised of highly trained and experienced Communications Specialists, overseen by a Communications Supervisor. The Communications Department operates on a 24/7/365 basis, and answers nearly 100,000 phone calls per year. Thorne employs the latest in mobile medical technology to assist in routing, tracking, and deploying every unit within Thorne's fleet. This efficiency allows Thorne to provide high levels of on-time performance with each of their customers.



The Operations Division of Thorne Ambulance operates from ten strategic locations throughout the Upstate, Midlands, and Grand Strand of South Carolina. Each operational division is overseen by a regional Operations Manager, who is supported by a team of supervisory staff, Field Training Officers (FTO), and field providers. 

Thorne provides 24/7 Advanced Life Support (ALS) service across all regions. Our providers are required to undergo additional in-house training to become proficient with high-acuity inter-facility transfers and emergency responses. These transfers include ventilator-dependent patients, multi-channel infusion pumps, the monitoring of blood products, and other critical patient types. 



Our leadership team is built of professionals across several disciplines. Whether clinical providers, financial experts, Information Technology gurus, or experienced fleet mechanics - Thorne's well-rounded team is engaged in all facets of the organization. We see leadership as a privilege and responsibility, and as such, we are continuously seeking opportunities to strengthen our team.

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