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"Providing the Care After the Care" 


Thorne Medical Billing Solutions (TMBS) has a dedicated team of professionals that focus on the "care after the care".  That means that even after  mobile medical services have been rendered to you or a loved one, Thorne has a passionate team that is ready to assist you through the billing process.


What makes TMBS unique is that it is an organization built on the firm foundation of the ambulance industry. We are a team of patient care providers and ambulance service operators who demonstrate compassion and empath, and understand the financial and operating needs of a mobile healthcare organization. 

As industry margins continue to prove challenging, the demand for mobile medical services continue to grow. At TMBS, we understand the full spectrum of mobile healthcare. We employ excellent technology that is managed and operated by our highly-driven and customer service oriented Billing Specialists.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, or want to better understand the benefits of outsourcing your medical billing needs, please


Our Staff:

Our billing staff are highly experienced personnel with a deep understanding of Medicare policies and procedures, along with those of private insurance providers.  We are here to help you.  Call us if you have any questions about our services or pricing even if you have never used us before!

Contact Information:

(864) 559-8077


Online Bill Payment

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Sherri brings more than 30 years of revenue cycle management experience to Thorne Medical Billing Solutions. This experience encompasses municipal/government, fire-based, and private ambulance providers. Sherri is a Certified Ambulance Coder (CAC), Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer (CACO), and has previously led an organization with more than 220 employees. Sherri has a Bachelor's of Science in Healthcare Administration.

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Sherri Cook, B.S., CAC, CACO

Revenue Cycle Manager

Requesting Medical Records:

Medical records may be requested by completing the form below.  This form must be mailed to our office with a check for $10.  An additional $10 is to be submitted for each subsequent records request.  This fee is in accordance with the laws and regulations established by the Department of Health & Human Services and covers the administrative fees associated with responding to such requests.

Have a question, comment, or concern about Thorne's privacy policy?

Please contact our Compliance Officer, Chris Battlo, with any feedback: 864-720-8500.

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